Monday, July 4, 2022

Proactive Risk Assessment

Proactive Risk Assessment

South Africa finds itself in the growth stage of the 4th Industrial Evolution, and while we remain a fledging country in terms of the cyber growth worldwide, we nevertheless have a significant cyber infrastructure and presence.

Unlike, most first world countries, our population generally has a lower level of education with regards to the threats and risks that this information age presents.

TFSA has successfully kept abreast of the ever-changing developments with regards to the “cyber information” and as a result has developed several useful tools to aid in forensic investigations. The use of social media and the internet have become an integral part of daily life in South Africa. It has become important for forensic investigators operating in this environment to obtain relevant information out of this technology world. At TFSA we have developed a capacity and capability, supported by the relevant tools that allow us to perform appropriate investigations in this environment, including but not limited to:

  • Social Media profiling
  • Social Media Monitoring

We combine this unique capability within the technology world with our proven experience in deep-skilled surveillance and monitoring activity to enhance the services that we can deliver to our diverse client base.

Despite this Digital Age approach, TFSA has maintained a strong physical intelligence gathering system.

The combination of these approaches enables TFSA to conduct highly effective external and internal risk monitoring for our clients in a multitude of environments, which results in a proactive approach in dealing with the numerous risks that clients are exposed to.